Abandoned, starving pit bulls rescued in Lancaster County

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ELIZABETHTOWN, Pa. -- A good samaritan found two pit bulls starving and abandoned in Lancaster County. One of the dogs was so thin, they appeared to be dead.

The dogs were covered in fleas lying on the side of Bossler Road.

Jessica Blouch, the vice president of Pitties.Love.Peace, said, "They were neglected by somebody and they were dumped there."

Pitties.Love.Peace is an organization that rescues and rehabilitates dogs. They stepped in to help.

Blouch said they named the male dog Captain and the female dog Morgan.

"Captain was in the worst condition. He actually has several masses growing on his body, couple on his chest, one's hanging off of his chest, he has one in the corner of his eye, and he also has a testicular tumor," she said.

He also had no muscle tone. He weighed 33 lbs the day he was found, and he should weigh 65.

Blouch said Morgan looks like she's had several litters of puppies. Both dogs are friendly and love to be around people.

"These dogs have every reason to hate people. They have every reason to not be nice, to not be kind to people, but they are," she said.

Blouch said it's up to the organization to be the voices for these animals to ensure this doesn't happen again.

"I just hope that justice is served and at least they're gonna learn their lesson to not do this again," she said.

The Pennsylvania SPCA is investigating the case.