Harrisburg man arrested for armed robbery after standoff with police

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HARRISBURG, Pa.– Police arrested and charged a man for armed robbery after he barricaded himself inside a building for two hours to avoid arrest.

41-year-old Israel Acevedo-Fuentes faces charges of  Robbery, Aggravated Assault, Unlawful Restraint, Escape, Terroristic Threats, and Disorderly Conduct.

According to Harrisburg Police, just after 3:30 p.m. Friday, officers were called to the McFarland Building in Harrisburg for a report of an armed robbery.

A victim told police that a man pulled out a gun and stated “What are you going to give me?” The victim told the robber he didn’t have anything and tried to run away but could not. A fight then ensued,  and the victim was able to break free, and the robber ran off.

A short time later, responding officers observed a man along the 400-block of Hummel Street matching the clothing description given to officers over radio dispatch.

He was identified as Israel Acevedo-Fuentes.

When Fuentes saw officers he ran down an alley and into a building before officers lost sight of him.  Police determined he was inside the building located at 415 Hummel Street. Officers tried to communicate with Fuentes for over a two-hour time frame  but were unsuccessful.

Harrisburg Police then broke down the front door and were able to take Fuentes in custody on the second floor of the building.

While putting Acevedo-Fuentes into the transport van, officers were flagged down by a male across the street.   The male told police that Fuentes attempted to go into his house.

The victim was able to stop Fuentes in the doorway before  Fuentes punched and kicked him several times before pointing a gun at his head, and pulling the trigger three times. The gun never fired. Acevedo-Fuentes then fled as officers approached him. The weapon was recovered and was determined to be a BB gun.