Poll: What do you think is the biggest issue facing the country?

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Donald Trump’s running mate Mike Pence is going to be in Lancaster today for a town hall event.

Pence is considered to be the quintessential conservative on the Republican ticket. According to the Pennsylvania GOP, “Pence made job creation his top priority as Governor of Indiana. Under his leadership, the unemployment rate was cut from 8.4% to 4.8%. Pence is also an experienced tax cutter – having signed into law a 5% reduction in Indiana’s state income tax.”

Democrat Vice President nominee Tim Kaine polls well in swing states, and the Commonwealth being a key battleground in 2016, Kaine most likely will make several stops here as well. Kaine has already made an appearance in Harrisburg, along with Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton immediately following the Democratic National Convention. Kaine is seen as a safe selection based upon his executive experience. The Pennsylvania Democratic Party does not have a bio of Kaine on its web site.

As we inch closer to the November General Election, voters’ concerns can either change slightly, or an unexpected event can make voters’ opinions change substantially. Votes cast will hinge upon the issue that’s most important to each individual.

What do you think is the biggest issue facing the country?





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