FOX43 Finds Out: Did a banking issue compromise your information?

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YORK, Pa -- Recently, a Central Pennsylvania man went to check his bank balance online, but what he saw  didn't seem right.

The former BB&T Bank customer is concerned his personal information ended up in the wrong hands.

FOX43 Finds Out what happened and makes sure yours wasn't compromised.

Fredrick Altland of York says he checks his bank account online regularly, just to make sure everything looks right.

But when he logged on to his BB&T bank online account on April 17th, it was all wrong.

He saw someone else's name, account information and money.

"I don't know if it's a man or a woman. I don't know. I didn't do anything else, I just looked up and down,” said Altland.

Altland has no idea how he ended up seeing someone else's information, someone he doesn't know.

He says he logged on with his own name and password at around 5:30 in the morning.

Then when he tried to log on again, he got a message that the website was down.

So, he checked social media.

"Other people were chiming in on their Facebook page saying the same thing, the same issue. I don't know how many people this has happened too,” said Altland.

Here are some of the posts we found on BB&T's Facebook page back on April 17th.

"Why am I logging into my account online and seeing someone else's account that isn't mine?"

"When I log in I'm under two different people's account where I can see their routing number and account number."

Altland says he called BB&T to tell the bank about the problem, but claims the bank representative didn't seem concerned.

Altland is worried that if he could see someone's information, his info might be out there too.

"Who's seeing me?"

FOX43 found the woman whose information Altland saw.

She told us, she had no idea her information may have been compromised.

The woman from Maryland says she did receive a letter in the mail from BB&T bank, but she thought it was very generic and didn't think she was affected.

She's banked with BB&T for more than 10 years.

A spokesperson for BB&T bank says he is aware of the problem, telling us "A limited number of BB&T clients logging into the desktop version of our digital banking platform did experience issues for a few hours."

Bank employees say they've reached out to the clients who were affected, but wouldn't say how many.

BB&T officials do not believe that anyone actually used someone else's money and are still monitoring the situation.

The Maryland woman says she plans to stay with the bank.

Altland says he was not contacted about the issue.

He since has taken his money and closed his BB&T account.

"What I would want them to do is just get better it professionals. I would want them to basically get better people on the phone. and when you call the phone service up someone actually answers."

This is not the first time BB&T bank customers had an issue with accounts.

Back in January, the company admitted there was a processing issue that   caused people to have incorrect account balances.

The company says it was an internal problem and was fixed.

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