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Mother pleads for her daughter to return home

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HEIDELBERG TOWNSHIP, LEBANON COUNTY, Pa.-- The search continues for 21-year-old Alicia Buzzard. She was reportedly taken from Philhaven Tuesday night by 18-year-old Elliott Ravert. Right now the police don't have a location for them.

"Just bring her home," Jacqueline Shay, Buzzard's mother, said.

She said Ravert was not supposed to have any communication with her daughter. Ravert and Buzzard were a couple before Shay broke them up.

"He was very obsessed with her," she said. "I had a talk with her about it. This isn't love anymore. This is an obsession."

According to police, Ravert, went to Philhaven and demanded to see Buzzard. He took out a gun and threatened two nurses. The couple then left the building.

Shay said Buzzard has several mental illnesses including bipolar disorder and needs medicine routinely.

"She's not street smart," Shay said. "She's never been out like this on her own, and she's not on any of her medication, which is stuff she needs to be on."

Another challenge is Buzzard doesn't have a phone or any form of communication to get in touch with her family. Shay said Buzzard got into trouble with a phone in the past.

"Her mentality is like 12. She's 21-years-old, but her mentality is like a 12-year old," Shay said.

In this tough time, Shay is feeling the support of the community, near and far.

"People have been calling and praying with me," she said. "My church has been with me. Friends I haven't talked to in years have reached out to us."

She hopes this situation come to a safe and peaceful end.

"They just need to come home," Shay said.

Police are asking for you help with information about there whereabouts. You are asked to call the Cornwall Borough Police Department at (717) 274-2071, if you have any information.