Hot temperatures driving people to the lake

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SOUTH LONDONDERRY TOWNSHIP, LEBANON COUNTY, Pa.-- Another day of blistering hot temperatures has people looking to find a place to cool off.

"It was hot day and we thought nothing better to do than take a jump in the lake," Cindy Rice from Elizabethtown said. She enjoyed the water with her family.

The water of Mount Gretna Lake has hundreds of people enjoying it's comfort.

"The heat is helping us bring some people out that might have picked something else, if it wasn't so warm outside," Mount Gretna Lake manager Cindy Otto said.

The lake brought people from all around. Benjamin Nash and his family drove up from Washington D.C.

"It was only a two hour drive, so we figured let's jump in the car and have fun at Lake Gretna," Nash said.

He said his family is staying in the area and will return to the lake on Sunday.

This hot weather doesn't always guarantee a packed lake.

"We run that fine line between hot, that we want to go swimming, and so hot that we want to stay in the air conditioning. Today was kind of right on the border," Otto said.

She said when it's this hot people start to look for activities to do inside.

" There are days, that I do think the hot weather scares some people off for health reasons or their age," Otto said.

Even with the scorching heat on Saturday, that didn't stop some.

"We're going to jump in and go off the high dive," Rice said.