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Visitors of Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire finds ways to stay cool

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MANHEIM, Pa. -- The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire is open for the season in Lancaster County. This weekend's theme was "Pyrates" and people were trying to stay cool while dressing the part.

People who work at the faire in Manheim said August is usually a slow month for business because of the heat. But many people still come from across the country, no matter the weather.

Candace Smith, the sale and communications director at the faire, said, "They admire the actors is what we hear the most because they're in their velvet costumes that weigh upwards of 40 lbs. So those are the ones that we worry about but the patrons seem to admire them a great deal."

Those who attend the faire have a strategy to stay cool while traveling back in time.

Derek Sorenson, a visitor from Tennessee, said, "I would wear very light material but still make it look authentic and to customize as much as you can to still look good and drink lots of water."

The faire has a misting station and allows visitors to bring their own water bottles.

Dale Sorenson, also from Tennessee, said, "Walk at a very slow pace. Staying at a slow pace helps you out very well so you don't use up all the water you've been drinking."

And water isn't the only beverage vendors suggest to stay hydrated.

Maryann Seifried, a vendor, said, "The thing here in the Shire is we drink pickle juice to keep us hydrated, to keep the salt and the minerals in because you know sweating it all out."

Some people even donated blood at the annual American Red Cross blood drive before they went on to enjoy the fair.

Seifried said, "Everybody watches out for people so we want to make sure that everyone here is safe and leaves here healthy and not feeling sick."