Animal rescuers discover 13 pets at home they thought was abandoned

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MONROE TWP., Pa. - State police and animal rescue groups were called out Wednesday morning to reports of abandoned animals at a home.

Around 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, they arrived at a home of the 900 block of Nixon Drive, and one of the first things they noticed was the sub-par conditions the animals were reportedly living in.

"I don't understand as a mother and a pet owner how mother to mother how you could allow this to happen," Jodie Adams, with Rising Sun Animal Rescue, based in Red Lion, said. "I know people have hardships but the condition out back is just repulsive."

Within minutes, rescue groups were successfully able to retrieve six rabbits and two cats that were located outside and behind the garage on the property. But there were still three dogs and two other cats inside when they found out the house was not abandoned.

It turns out the residents at the home were forced to leave about two weeks ago when their electricity was shut off due to non-payment

"That's why we had to leave. We have a past due bill of over $9,000 and our family has been struggling," resident Jessica Karns said. "It's completely a misunderstanding with this whole situation."

As a result of the electric shut-off, five of her younger siblings were taken into protective custody. Karns had been living there the first week without electricity, but over the last week, she said she was returning to the home twice a day to care for the animals.

Karns and her family will keep the dogs, but they surrendered the rabbits to rescuers and the cats were strays, so rescuers took them in as well. They will be looked at the next few days and hopefully be nursed back to health.

"I'm not happy with the conditions," Missy Conley, also with Rising Sun, said. "The conditions inside are not good, but we have to follow the dog laws in the state of Pennsylvania, and they're not in bad shape. They're fed and watered and they have shelter."

It's unclear whether or not there will be any charges or citations issued.