Hershey Perplex Escape Room set to unveil new room this fall

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SWATARA TOWNSHIP, Pa., -- The Hershey Perplex Escape Room is planning to unveil a new "escape room" this fall. The new room will be called "Alice in Puzzleland" based on the Mad Hatter Tea Party and will include a mobile escape room.

"Escape rooms" are a growing nationwide trend. Perplex first opened this summer in Swatara Township. The goal of the escape room is for teams to use a variety of clues to solve a puzzle that allows them to get out of the "escape room" in a 60-minute time-frame.

"The puzzles are very different from each other so you have to think a lot of different ways," said player Josh Wolfe.

The theme of the rooms vary by location. At Hershey Perplex the theme of the first room is Egyptian and only about twenty-percent of the teams are successful in completing the puzzle. The hour-long challenge creates a true test of comradery.

"Folks come in and they have to kind of discover what is going on in the room," explained owner Beau Faulkner. "There is usually a team leader that really pulls them together. You will see how groups will delegate work, they really have to communicate."