York County park vandalized twice in a few weeks and police need help to find suspects

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SPRINGETTSBURY TWP., Pa. - Over the past few weeks the Springetts Oaks Park in Sprigettsbury Township, York County has been vandalized twice. The first time was on August 2 and the second was sometime early in the morning of August 15. The vandals spray painted sexually explicit images on the park and wrote racially charged words on the slides and pavilion. A memorial bench was painted blue.

"I'm not mad. I'm upset. I'm disappointed because as the township we put so much value in this. For them not to appreciate and see that it's a free township park it's something so pleasant that I think adds so much value to the area and for them to kind of degrade it, just shows their moral value," said Colin Lacey, director of parks and recreation.

Between the two instances it cost $2,000 to clean the park.

Police have received some tips, but are still looking for suspects.