Police explain how to find missing people

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SUSQUEHANNA TOWNSHIP, DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa.-- It's been a week since a Franklin County woman was reported missing. Authorities are still searching for Julie McCutcheon. Pennsylvania State Police said a case like this can be a challenge.

"Cases like this don't happen too often," Trooper Adam Reed said. "Each missing person case is going to be a little different."

He said time is of the essence in each search. The sooner someone is found the better. They try to retrieve data to help spread information about the person around to other agencies.

Trooper Reed said in a case like this, where the person may be in another state, they enter information into the National Crime Information Center. This allows for other agencies to help find the person around the country.

"A police officer in another state might, upon interacting with her, run her information, and find her flagged from missing endangered in Pennsylvania," Trooper Reed said.

If the person is found, it can be tricky getting them back home at times. Trooper Reed said it's not against the law to go off the grid.

"We have to coordinate with the appropriate agencies and friends and family to figure that part of it out," he said.

He said a case will not be closed until the person is found.