Susan Martin voluntarily resigns over Libre animal cruelty case

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A hearing scheduled Monday, August 22 regarding the Lancaster County District Attorney’s petition to suspend Susan Martin, an animal cruelty officer and executive director of the Lancaster County SPCA, has been canceled.

Martin, who was under fire for lack of oversight in an animal cruelty case involving a Boston terrier, has voluntarily resigned.

District Attorney Craig Stedman said in a statement, “We are confident this would have been the end result of the scheduled hearing. The order’s effect makes that hearing moot.”

Stedman said he looks forward to a more involved, professional, and collaborative approach to resolving animal cruelty matters, and stronger animal cruelty law enforcement in Lancaster County. He said he is “eager” to work with lawmakers to establish more stringent compliance when responding to animal cruelty.

“In addition, we are in the process of developing a countywide training regimen for all officers whom will be involved in these investigations,” Stedman explained. “I will be meeting with representatives from Humane Society of United States to begin this process in Lancaster County. I am confident that animals all over the county will be safe and more protected than ever before, prosecutions and investigations will be more professional, and decisions to charge or not charge more consistent and fair to everyone.”

According to Stedman’s office, he will not be making public statements regarding Martin or specifics about her work. President Judge Reinaker’s order, and Stedman’s petition for suspension, which was filed on Aug. 11, are public documents.

Libre, the 4-month-old dog, was found emaciated and with severe mange. He was rescued from a Lancaster County farm in July. Charges have also been filed against the dog’s former owner.

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