Protest against puppy mills in Lancaster County

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LANCASTER, Pa.--  Demonstrators gathered outside of Lancaster's Central Market on Saturday to protest puppy mills in Lancaster County. They also demanded more stringent penalties for cases of animal abuse and neglect in Pennsylvania and longer maximum sentences for the crimes.

"I think that the laws are really outdated and the penalties that can be imposed on abusers in neglect cases are way too low. They need to be reviewed, they need to be updated. I think its important to maintain the minimum penalties, but I think the maximum penalties need to be far increased," said Rachel Weston, an animal rights activist.

Members of the Justice for Libre group on Facebook, formed in response to the plight of a puppy recently left to die on a farm in southern Lancaster County, organized the protest.

On Thursday, the Lancaster County District Attorney's office established an animal cruelty email tip line. To report abuse send an email to this address:  The office is also currently training officers to handle animal cruelty cases.

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