Adams County lawn filled with wooden crosses in honor of fallen police officers

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MCKNIGHTSTOWN, Pa.-- A touching tribute is filling one man's front yard in Adams County. 38-wooden, blue crosses sit in the front yard of a home on the 2500-block of Lincoln Way East near McKnightstown.

Each cross stands in honor of a fallen police officer. It began with five crosses in memory for the five Dallas officers who were gunned down in July. Since that time, a cross has been added for each and every officer who have died from gun violence.

"When I was on the job, I turned around and became part of the honor guard and we hit the pavement doing funerals for slain police officers. I couldn't go down to Dallas this year, I couldn't go to a lot of these places, the only tribute I could give them was to put this up here," says homeowner Michael Wassuta.

Wassuta hopes to not have to add any more crosses, but says he will continue if more police lives are lost.

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