Libre’s mother finds new home

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LANCASTER: The Lancaster County SPCA has found a permanent, adoptive home for Carla, the 16-month-old, female, Boston terrier and mother of Libre, the puppy with demodectic mange. The farmer who had owned both dogs gave Carla to LCSPCA on July 8, during Susan Martin’s investigation at his farm. On August 13, a retired couple from Willow Street adopted Carla, giving her a new life and new name.

“We renamed her Bella because it is Italian for beautiful,” says Jerry. Jerry and his wife Susan do not wish to have their last names printed. Bella is still quite timid, says Susan, “but she’s coming around and now even gives kisses.”

When Carla, now Bella, first came to LCSPCA, she had a minor case of demodectic mange. LCSPCA’s staff veterinarian prescribed Bravecto, a medication commonly used to kill fleas and ticks yet also effective against mites that cause mange.

Carla stayed in a kennel at LCSPCA until July 15, when she was placed in temporary foster care with Amanda Perry, a long-time shelter employee. Perry frequently fosters pets needing extra care to recover before being placed for adoption.

Until Carla had fully recovered from mange, she could not be placed for adoption. Additionally, she was far from housebroken because she had never lived indoors. During her time with Perry, Carla made improvements both in her health and with housebreaking. “It was obvious to us that the SPCA had given [Bella] great care,” says Jerry.

On August 7, Carla returned to LCSPCA. The next day Jerry and Susan visited the shelter and fell in love with her. They visited her several times during the following days until she was declared fully recovered.

LCSPCA’s staff veterinarian performed a spay surgery on Carla August 12, and she went to her new home on August 13, where she is doing very well.

SORCE: LCSPCA press release