Poll: Will police body cameras make a difference?

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Body cameras charging. (Photo by George Frey/Getty Images)

Carlisle Police Department, falling in line with other Midstate police stations, is rolling out a body camera pilot program this month.

Body worn video, also known as body cameras, is a video recording system that is utilized by law enforcement to record police officers’ interactions. The idea behind body cameras is to capture video evidence at crime scenes. The use of them is supposedly for increased both officer and citizen accountability.

Adorning body cameras has drawn mixed reviews. While advocates support them for greater transparency, others describe them as being in violation of civil liberties.

The gray area remains — under Pennsylvania law — law enforcement officers can intercept and record oral communications using body cameras. The law requires officers to first tell someone they encounter that they are being recorded when “reasonably practicable.” Devices cannot be used inside a residence.

Will police body cameras make a difference?