Repair Work Scheduled for Southbound Route 15 Just South of Hickory Road in York County

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Harrisburg, PA – PennDOT maintenance crews will be repairing a portion of southbound Route 15 just south of Hickory Road in Franklin Township, York County, on Tuesday, Aug. 23. Pavement in this area was damaged by an intense fire from the fatal collision last Friday morning between a car and a tractor trailer. The maintenance crews will mill (i.e., remove) two inches of the blacktop in the right lane and shoulder for a distance of about 100 feet and then repave it with new asphalt. Motorists should expect to find southbound Route 15 restricted to a single lane starting at around 8 AM between Hickory Road and Clear Springs Road. The single lane restriction will likely continue until the new blacktop has cooled and can safely carry traffic – most likely around early to mid-afternoon.

This work is weather dependent. Motorists are asked to be alert to this operation, to obey work zone signs, and to slow down when approaching and traveling through the work zone – for their safety as well as for the safety of the maintenance crews performing the work.