Attempted home invasion robbery with deadly weapon in Lancaster thwarted by occupants

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A Philadelphia man, who attempted to break into a Lancaster residence using a deadly weapon, was arrested after its occupants fought back.

Lancaster City Police officers arrested Alberto Merced, a 29-year-old man, Friday August 19. Merced pretended to be an electric company employee in an effort to allegedly burglarize a home.

Two victims, who fought back, told Lancaster City police Merced pushed the door open against the will of an 85-year-old man, who was trying to close it. The 85-year-old man fell onto his back, and Merced pulled a black Glock handgun out of his pocket. He pointed it at the victim’s chest, according to police reports. The victim began to yell for his son, who was in the basement of the house.

When the victim’s son ran upstairs, police report, he approached Merced. Merced began to flee out of the house through the front door. The victim’s son then grabbed Merced’s legs, causing Merced to trip. The victim’s son then held Merced down and yelled for help.

While Merced was being restrained, he bit the 43-year-old man on the right arm, and scratched the 85-year-old man’s right forearm. A neighbor heard the commotion and assisted the two victims by calling 911. He removed the handgun from Merced’s pocket, police report. The victims held Merced down until police arrived.

Merced was taken into custody and found to be in possession of 12 black plastic zip ties and a pair of latex gloves.

Merced, a resident of the 5400 block of N. Water St, in Philadelphia, was charged with burglary, carrying a firearm without a license, 2 counts of simple assault, and simple assault by physical menace before District Judge Adam Witkonis. Merced is currently incarcerated at Lancaster County Prison.