Back to school savings that can make you money

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MANCHESTER, Pa -- Between books, clothes and supplies, it can cost families hundreds of dollars to send kids back to the classroom after summer break.

"I got clothes and a whole bunch of school supplies and a backpack," said Isabella Craft of Manchester.

Back to School shopping can have parents digging deep into their wallets.

The National Retail Federation says the average family spends about $670 to get kids back in the classroom.

That number doesn't even surprise some parents in york county.

"My kids tend to be a bit more expensive," said Joanne Craft of Manchester.

There are ways to make sure your school spending comes in way below the average.

Buying things clothes and shoes at Consignment stores like Mommy's Little Rascals in Manchester can help you save some cash.

"We typically do like a 4th of what it sells for used and we try to stay at half if it's something that comes in brand new,"  Rebecca Marquez of Mommy's LiL Rascals.

If the thought of buying something someone else has already worn creeps you out, you can still shop at consignment stores.
Not all the items here are second-hand.

"A lot of newer tag items come in never been used, so that's actually really good for our consigners too they can get something that has the tags on it brand new but they're not paying retail for it," said Marquez.

Parents know kids can grow fast.

Which is why some shoppers say paying 5 or 6 dollars for sneakers they'll only wear a few times is a better idea.

"She's been in three different sizes of shoes just in the last two years," said Joanne Craft.

Besides saving money, you can make money

The point of consignment stores is that you give the stores the product.

If you bring lightly used clothes to Mommy's Little Rascal's for the shop to sell, you'll get 50% of the selling price of the item once someone buys it.

You can either use that as store credit - or cash out.

"I usually don't even end up spending any money. I usually have a credit and that credit plays for their other things and then there's no money out," said Craft.

While it may seem like a daunting task to go through your kids closets and pick out the clothes without stains and tears, parents who do it say it's simple!

"You literally bring it in, sign it off and they go through it," said Brooke Melhorn of East York.

There's a feel-good factor too.

If you bring in items that aren't exactly fitting for a resale, employees at Mommy's Little Rascals will donate your clothes to various charities in Central Pennsylvania.

So no clothes go to waste or in the trash.

"In a sense it kind of helps others when your stuff isn't able to be used here then other people still get to use it," said Melhorn.

The savings when shopping consignment all depend on how much effort you put in to finding clothes to sell and buy.

For serious shoppers, the savings can be pretty great.

"I'm sure we save hundreds," said Craft.

Many consignment stores, including mommy's little rascals, are buying back fall and winter clothing now.

Reminder,  the holidays are right around the corner! start saving now.

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