Parents question safety of relocated school bus stop

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BIGLERVILLE, ADAMS COUNTY, Pa. -- Some parents in the Upper Adams School District say their kids have to walk a dangerous route to take the bus.

A new stop for students to catch the bus to school has parents and administrators disagreeing on what is safe.

With no sidewalks, lights, no one around, some parents don't want their children walking down a back country road to wait for a bus.

Grandmother Tenley Fridinger said "if someone is not here to get them on and off the bus, they're walking a half a mile, and these are six, seven, and eight-year-olds."

Mother Natasha Fridinger said "people fly on our roads. There is no speed limit, or whatsoever, people can travel whatever they want to, and that's dangerous."

The original bus stop was at a turnaround on Slatersville Road before it was moved down the road last year.

Upper Adams school superintendent Dr. Wesley Doll said "we had some situations where there were cars parked in that particular area, and we weren't able to make the turns, creating a situation where the bus had to back up, and in those cases, that makes it very dangerous."

Dr. Doll said the bus stop was relocated even farther away thus year, but for safety reasons.

"Having it on Wenksville Road allows us to have the bus stop on Wenksville Road, without having to make any kind of turns, in a circle or turnarounds with pulling the bus up, backing it up and making it go in a different direction," Dr. Doll said.

Some parents don't believe this new bus stop is a safer option.

"My niece, she's 13. If she would fall between here and there, nobody would find her. If she was to get hurt, there's nobody. She can yell as much as she wants to, nobody around is going to see her," Natasha Fridinger said.

"It's not safe for a 13-year-old girl, to walk that half-mile in the dark, alone, and stand up there in between a golf course and a corn field where anybody could hide," Tenley Fridinger said.

"But I look at that as a parent responsibility, with how children get from their house to the bus stop. We as a district are providing then the safest bus stop that we can," Dr. Doll said.

The parents and guardians FOX 43 News spoke with said they're not just concerned about the safety of their own children, but all kids who live in rural areas.


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