Pennsylvania among top states for Zika virus with 82 confirmed cases

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When it comes to diagnosed cases of the Zika virus – Pennsylvania is among the top states.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health reports 82 confirmed cases in the state. There are also 120 tests still pending which could mean more cases of Zika in Pennsylvania.

All but one person contracted the virus while traveling outside the country. One researcher at the University of Pittsburgh accidentally infected herself while working in a lab.

The most common way to get the virus is through infected mosquitoes, but that hasn’t happened directly here.

Patrick McDonnell, the acting secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, says his agency is also monitoring the growing number of Zika cases in Pennsylvania.

“If we have an area where there’s a cluster of people coming in from out of the country with Zika, we’ll elevate the activity and start spraying,” McDonnell said.

Right now there is no vaccine or medicine to prevent Zika, but the PA Department of Health is distributing Zika prevention kits for pregnant woman around the commonwealth.

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