Police officer lip sync’s Beyonce’s controversial “Formation”

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Stafford, Virginia — Months after Super Bowl 50, one would think more attention would be centered on the Denver Broncos’ starting quarterback. But, the response of Beyonce’s controversial Broncos vs. Panthers halftime performance “Formation” has garnered the nation’s attention instead.

The 34-year-old “Queen Bey” is in the running for the biggest prize of the MTV Video Music Award event on Sunday – Video of the Year. Her lyrics have been labeled as “anti-cop,” in support of the #BlackLivesMatters movement. On one of the world’s biggest annual stages, Beyonce’s show continued onto social media, where her most loyal followers claimed the pop icon broke the Internet.

Since then, there has been devastating news of both black men, and police officers, being shot. From Dallas, Texas to Baton Rouge, Louisana, America has watched as a great divide has emerged. Black Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matters continues to replay in daily news cycles. Communities reeling from pain are trying to find the middle ground.

For Stafford County Police Lt. Deuntay Diggs, he had some fun trying to find it. He recently performed Beyonce’s “Formation” during a back-to-school event, wearing his uniform. It was recorded live, and posted to an Instagram account. His candidness earned him the lip sync contest victory, and viral attention.


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