Annual Lancaster Beerfest has people pouring into the city

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LANCASTER, Pa. - Saturday from 3:00pm-7:30pm Binns Park in Lancaster will be filled with beer for the annual beerfest. The fest has sold out every year since it started four years ago. More than 3,000 people will be at the event.

"There's a lot of beer drinkers in this town and they like a variety of beers and we wanted to show everybody what's out there," said Adam Ozimek, Lancaster Craft Beerfest.

"They come down early, they have lunch, they shop maybe stay afterward and go out to dinner just have a good experience in Lancaster and comeback and that's what we like to see," added Annie Weeks from L.O.O.P.

"It's wonderful. It's bringing more people into Lancaster and Lancaster is getting known as like as more of a beer town and I mean we love people coming to Lancaster for beer that's why we do it here," said Michael Spychalski from Wacker Beer Co.

Wacker is one of 70 breweries participating.

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