West Creek Elementary and East Pennsboro Elementary schools reopen tomorrow

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West Creek Hills Elementary and East Pennsboro Elementary schools will return to normal operating hours Tuesday, August 30, the district reports on its website.

Based on completed air quality test results, and returned to the district Sunday, August 28, Supt. Jay Burkhart wrote a letter explaining the district’s position to allow students to return to classes.

The results of the latest test can be found here.

According to the district, the test was conducted in the hallway of the LGI, which was the area that had an unusual level of mold on the previous air quality test. The results from the most recent test show no unusual levels of mold exist.

Burkhart explained, “As I am writing this message the samples are on their way to the lab for analysis.  We are hopeful the samples will be tested and results may be provided to the district later this evening.  If the samples show no elevated levels of mold spores in the areas tested, the district will reopen the middle school on Wednesday, August 31, 2016.  The schedule that will be put into place for the reopening of the middle school for both middle and high school students will be discussed at tonight’s community meeting.  The details of the schedule will be placed on the district website following tonight’s meeting.  We anticipate this schedule being put into place on Wednesday, August 31, 2016.”

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