Dog abandoned close to death, now on the road to recovery in Bucks County

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TRENTON — A two-year-old Pit Bull, abandoned and found near death in a New Jersey industrial park, is now getting a second chance at life.

The dog, now named Rue, was discovered by New Jersey Humane Law Enforcement Officer Joe Antonello on August 24th. Antonello was investigating a call from a passerby who thought they saw a wounded deer in the tall grass off a road in an abandoned Trenton industrial site.

Antonello told the dog was so close to death he didn’t think she’d survive the ride to the emergency veterinary hospital.

Rue came in weighing less than 30 pounds to CARES (Center for Animal Referral and Emergency Services), in Langhorne, Bucks County.

According to CARES, Rue was severely malnourished and veterinarians discovered all kinds of scrap metal and debris in her stomach.

Rue is now in the care of a staff member, cardiology nurse Chrissy Devine.

A Facebook page has been created to keep people up to date on Rue’s recovery.

In the week since she’s been found, she’s been given IV nutrients, a blood transfusion, and been put on a strict, high protein diet of six small meals a day.

She is slowly gaining weight, but still has a long way to go.

Antonello is hoping to locate the person that abandoned Rue to die.

She was found along a road in the Duck Island Industrial Park about 3/4 of a mile off Lamberton Road, he said.

He believes because of her condition, she couldn’t have gotten there herself, and likely was only there less than a day.

Anyone with information on Rue or her previous owners is asked to contact Trenton Humane Law Enformencent at 609-989-3254.