District officials handling mold situation at Cedar Cliff High School

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LOWER ALLEN TWP., Pa. -- A Cumberland County high school is closed for the rest of the week. All because of mold.

West Shore school district officials are coming up with a plan to remove the mold from Cedar Cliff High School. Students did not go to school Wednesday, and some parents and students are concerned.

Mold was discovered on ceiling tiles in the main office and West Shore Academy section of the building. School district officials said the mold was caused by condensation from an insulated air conditioning pipe.

Superintendent Dr. Todd Stoltz said, "I would certainly think that the humidity and the high temperatures had a lot to do with this."

The superintendent said pipes will have to be re-insulated, similar to what is happening at East Pennsboro High School, where mold was also recently discovered.

The plan is for Cedar Cliff High School to reopen on Sept. 6.

Principal Kevin Fillgrove said, "We don't have anything to hide. We want to be transparent, we want the truth to be told. There's a very thorough process engaging the best of the professions to do these things. So I have total confidence in our staff to be able to remediate this."

Parents of students are worried about the pattern of mold being discovered in Cumberland County schools.

Kate Jordan, a parent, said, "I think some of the teachers are concerned, just from talking to them over there, so I think the sooner they find it, and fix it, the better it would be."

High school students are also concerned.

Haylie Seville, a ninth grader, said, "The kids could have gotten really sick from it if they didn't find it as soon as they did, and it would have been really bad because there are a ton of kids who go to that school."

The superintendent said the air conditioning in the high school was running throughout the summer. Officials are inspecting the other buildings for mold as a precaution.

Stoltz said, "We'll certainly continue to be vigilant and extra vigilant in our buildings but that's part of why we are expanding it to all of our buildings and not just Cedar Cliff where we have a known issue."

Officials said all the other schools in West Shore school district will be open Thursday.