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Crackdown on speeding drivers planned in Lancaster County

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LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. –In response to increasing complaints relating to traffic concerns, the NLCRPD will be engaged in an increased enforcement effort at several specified venues in the next ten days. Areas of desired enforcement impact include parking regulations (against direction of traffic flow, proximity to stop signs and crosswalks, fire hydrant violations, and detached vehicles parked on the roadway). Targeted enforcement of speed restrictions will also occur, with issuance of citations for offenses. The goal of this effort is to seek operator compliance with the rules of the road and parking restrictions. Fines for parking infractions vary from $20.00 to $50.00. Speeding fines are dependent upon the speed limit and the clocked speed. Fines start from a minimum of $148.50. The NLCRPD requests motorist’s cooperation by compliance with the rules to avoid potential penalties.

The areas of focus are as follows: Cardinal Road, Chickadee Drive, North Elm Street, Chukar Court, Partridge Drive, Balmer Road, Brookfield Road, Laurie Lane, Brookview Drive, Barbara Lane, Duffield Drive, Limestone Court, West Woods Drive, Highlands Drive and Crosswinds Drive.