Family of Cumberland Co. murder victim warned her about husband – Tonight after MLB All-Star Game

Man’s bail raised after ADA, Judge agree crimes warranted more

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LANCASTER, Pa.– Lancaster County’s President Judge has raised bail to $500,000 for a man that was charged with a vicious rape and beating overnight Monday in Manheim Township.

William Lawrence was charged and arrested Tuesday on numerous felony charges regarding the crimes he committed at a Louise Ave. home and in Lancaster City.

First, a district judge set bail at $200,000 on Tuesday night.

On Wednesday morning, Assistant District Attorney Christopher Sarno requested in Lancaster County Court that Lawrence’s bail be raised to at least $500,000. Sarno cited that nature of the crimes Lawrence committed, his criminal past, and potential for additional harm to the victim as to why the bail should be increased.

In his motion, Sarno wrote that Lawrence is charged with a “continuing course of conduct of violence and sexual assault that lasted all night. He also added that the victim faces potential danger if Lawrence were to post bail.

President Judge Dennis Reinaker granted the motion with an order that raised his bail to $500,000.

Lawrence is currently at Lancaster County Prison.