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Mold discovered at second Cumberland County high school

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LOWER ALLEN TOWNSHIP, CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa. -- Mold closes another Cumberland County high school.

Administrators with the West Shore District report finding spores at Cedar Cliff High School in Lower Allen Township.

Cedar Cliff won't be the only school inspected since the district will inspect other buildings as a precaution.

The high school will remain closed until after Labor Day, and reopen on Tuesday, September 6th.

West Shore School District superintendent Dr. Todd Stoltz said some operations will not be affected by the closure.

"Although we have decided to close school for the remainder of the week, we are attempting to maintain as many normal operations as possible, including transportation for students to attend Cumberland Perry Area Vocational Technical School."

A new school year at Cedar Cliff High just started, until the discovery of mold brought it to a stop.

Parent Kate Jordan said "it would concern me for my daughter, because she has really bad allergies. I'm allergic to mold, so she's probably allergic to mold too."

Cedar Cliff ninth grade student Haylie Seville said "the kids could have gotten really sick from it if they didn't find it as soon as they did. It would have been really bad because there are a ton of kids who go to that school."

Students and parents are not only concerned about the district finding the spores, but the timing.

"I know they don't have the money to keep the air conditioning on, or they keep it on low level over the summer, but maybe they would be more proactive in checking things before school started," Jordan said.

"We have homework and stuff that's going to be due, and we're doing group projects and we don't have the time to do it now," Seville said.

Stoltz said mold was spotted on pipes and discolored ceiling tiles in the areas of the school office, and West Shore Academy section of the building.

The superintendent confirmed air conditioning had been running in the office throughout the summer.

"I certainly think that the weather conditions, as they have been with the humidity, we have been vigilant in keeping an eye out for discolored tiles, all of the signs that might indicate the suspicion or presence of mold," Stoltz said.

"I'm just wondering why they didn't get it inspected over the summer before everyone started, because it's taking time out of our school year, and being a freshman, I don't know the school that well already," Seville said.