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Local child sends four leaf clovers to Presidential candidate

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GRANTVILLE, DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa.-- Nine-year-old Corey Jackson is a lucky boy. He can find four leaf clovers with ease in a field of green.

"I'm just a lucky person," he said.

He goes around and collects them while his mom works at a horse farm in Dauphin County. He found so many with such ease, he thought he should share his luck with someone else.

Jackson sent dozens of clover with a letter and a horseshoe to Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

"Dear Mr. Trump, my family really wants you to be President," he said. "My name is Corey Jackson and I find four leaf clovers all the time, and I wanted to send some to you for good luck."

His mother, Jacqueline Samojeden tried to keep Jackson from getting too excited. She explained to him that Trump is probably busy right now and this stuff might not make it to him.

To their surprise, it not only made it to him, but he was touched by the gesture. He tried calling Jackson but was not able to reach him. Since the number kept showing up as an unknown, Samojeden didn't answer it. She eventually did one day, and a Trump representative told her and Jackson about how much his action was appreciated.

The Trump campaign then sent Jackson, signed hats, a bobblehead, as well as other memorabilia.  This act left Jackson speechless.

"He could be the next President and he reached out to my son," Samojeden said.

She said they hope to see Trump the next time he has a rally in the area.