Study says York has adequate parking

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YORK, Pa.-- For some people trying to find parking in the City of York can be a challenge.

Noel Augosto and his girlfriend are a couple of those people who has a hard time when he's driving around York.

"She has a hard time finding parking in the morning," he said.

He said he usually goes around the block a few times to find a space.

"Probably about three or four times," Augosto said.

He's not alone other, other drivers I spoke to off camera say they see the same issues. They say there is not enough parking or it's not close enough to their destination.

Other people had different opinions about parking.

"It's not a problem for me," Tina Hatcher. "They have a lot of nice new garages. I feel safe with them. I can usually find parking."

According to new study, there is adequate parking in the City of York.

"What we found was that, even at peak time, we are only using over 50 percent of the capacity," City of York Business Administrator Michael Doweary said.

The study look at all city owned parking. Doweary said people sometimes look for the same spots. This makes it appear that all the spots are taken.

"We like to park within the immediate vicinity of where ever our target location maybe," Doweary said.

He said people just don't want to walk too far from their cars.

"Whether it's line of sight or whatever the concern may be, the thought of walking a block or two to your destination is a challenge," Doweary.

According to the study, the streets that are the busiest are Market Street between Duke and Beaver, Philadelphia Street between George and Pershing, and George Street between Gas and King.

The study is expected to last about another month or two.

Doweary said the end goal is to continue economic development. They want the city to be prepared for the future and making sure customers and businesses are ready.

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