Hundreds gather to honor the victims of Flight 93

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SHANKSVILLE, SOMERSET COUNTY, Pa.-- On the 15th anniversary of the deadliest attacks on American soil, hundreds of people came to the Flight 93 Memorial to remember the victims of that tragedy. People we spoke with said they still remember where they were that day and the impact it had on their lives.

Sandy Young of the Pine Creek Fire Department is one of the many who paid respect to the fallen.

"From the time I got out of my vehicle until up here, I've been crying off and on," she said.

"There's a spirit here that is of the angels," Dee Cassidy of the Calumet Fire Department said.

She was and currently is serving as a volunteer firefighter in the county. When the news came of what happened on that fateful day, they were looking to help. They asked what could be done, and the F.B.I. told them they needed food that wasn't fast food.

"So we fed the F.B.I.," Cassidy said. "We got up in the wee hours of the morning, made about 200 meals, packed them in a hot truck, and sent a crew."

She later would learn how close Flight 93 came to her home.

"My mayor and fire chief showed me the actual flight pattern, it went over my house," Cassidy said.

Now on the 15th anniversary, she said she will never forget the day. With how many people came out to show their respects, she is glad to see other people are not forgetting either.

"It fills my heart with joy to see all these people here communicating, smiling, and sharing the joy of peace," she said.

Cassidy plans to volunteers at Flight 93, to make sure its story its story continues.

She said, "There are some that have been here for a long time and at some point they're going to say I can't do this anymore so you need somebody else to step up to the plate."


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