Columbia student charged after fight is caught on camera

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COLUMBIA, Pa. -- Two students were suspended after a fight broke out in a classroom at Columbia High School, and one of them is facing criminal charges.

The incident was recorded on a cellphone and later posted on social media.

The video on Facebook has gotten more than 75,000 views.

Mykeala Rivera, 18, is seen in the video fighting Selena Wiker, 16, in a classroom. Students are heard laughing in the background.

Ernest Wiker, Selena's father, found out about the video through social media.

"I got home seven o'clock that evening. My daughter was sitting on her bed watching that video crying. And I saw the video there and I downloaded off the girl that assaulted my daughter had posted it on Facebook. Proud of herself in the fact that she beat my daughter up," Wiker said.

He said the issue started the day before when a student disturbed the class.

"He started bullying them right there in front of the teacher. He started picking up the papers of some of the students and mocking the work that they were doing. My daughter's was one of them," Wiker said.

In the video, Selena and Rivera are seen exchanging words, but it is unclear what is said.

Both girls were suspended. After reviewing the video, police said they're charging Rivera with simple assault and disorderly conduct.

But Wiker said he doesn't understand why Selena was suspended.

"I got that video. She wasn't an aggressor. It was clear in that video that's not a fight, that's not mutual combat. She was assaulted," he said.

He believes the attack was premeditated.

Wiker said, "It was planned that they were going to fight, that she was going to assault my daughter in the classroom. And it was her friend that recorded the video. The girl that attacked my daughter had her friend recording video knowing that she was about to assault my daughter."

Both Wiker and school board officials said the video ends right before a school resource officer comes in to break up the fight.

Wiker said he does not want Selena going back to Columbia High School and is looking to enroll her in another school.


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