By the numbers: Trump has campaigned more than Clinton

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Donald Trump is speaking to voters at a campaign event in Ashton, PA.

Ivanka Trump introduced her father as the Republican nominee delivers a speech outlining his child care policy.

By the numbers: Trump has campaigned more than Clinton.

Even before Hillary Clinton faltered in New York on Sunday — hot, dehydrated and suffering from pneumonia — Donald Trump had been raising questions about Hillary Clinton’s “stamina” and whether she has the physical ability to serve as president.
Democrats have shot back that Trump is an unhealthy eater and has been even more opaque about his medical history than she has.

Clinton will be 69 and Trump will be 70 on Inauguration Day — she’d be the second-oldest first-term president and he’d be the oldest.

But both, to be fair, have shown in incredible stamina over the past year-and-a-half of the presidential campaign.

Just since the late July party conventions, each has visited more than a dozen states and held tons of events. Trump, notably, has been able to spend almost every night at home in New York. He also took nearly every Sunday off. Clinton, on the other hand, took her down days in spurts of two to four. August was actually a lighter-than-usual month for Clinton and she focused on fundraising more than she had in other months.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of their campaign activities for August and September, by the numbers.

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