Fairgoers get to meet baby animals at the York Fair birthing center

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WEST MANCHESTER TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- The York Fair features many animal exhibits, but one that a lot of people enjoy is the Animal Birthing Center in the Utz Arena.

It's where people can meet all the baby animals, including some that are expected to be born this week.

The animal birthing center has been at the York Fair for eight years.

Michele Boyer, a caretaker, said for some people it is their first experience seeing an animal give birth.

Boyer said, "A lot of people don't get to see a real birth live but we actually put it up on the screen for people to watch."

After the animals deliver, nature takes its course.

"Actually most of the mothers take care of their own. The calves we separate because they're dairy cows. So then we feed them by bottle morning and evening," Boyer said.

That's because the dairy cows produce too much milk for the calves to consume.

After the animals give birth, people can come and look at the babies.

Melanie Markowski, from Windsor, said, "It's a wonderful thing. We enjoy being able to see the baby animals. Especially, how cute is a two-day-old lamb or a one-day-old piglet. You know you can't beat it."

Shari Bortner, from York, said, "I love to see it. I love to see the baby animals, I love to see the birthing. I think it's very educational."

Boyer said when an animal is giving birth, many people stay to watch the whole process.

Boyer said, "I think it's amazing and they get all excited as soon as it comes out. Everyone cheers and hollers. It's fun. It's fun to watch their expressions."

Some animals here haven't given birth yet. They're scheduled to later this week, so if you've missed it you still have time to check it out.


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