Animal oddities on display at the York Fair

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WEST MANCHESTER TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- Chickens, cows, and goats aren't the only animals to be found at the York Fair.

Fair goers will also find a few animal oddities from a giant rat to a tiny horse.

It's not quite a freak show, but it is an unusual collection of animals.

Visitors to the fair can meet an 82-year-old, 12-foot-long, 850 pound alligator, appropriately named 'Big Al.'

There's a miniature horse named 'Tiny Tim,' and a giant South American River Rat called a Capabera.

John Wadsworth is the man who wrangles these interesting creatures. He invites curious people to step right up and take a look.

"Living up here, you don't get to see an alligator unless somebody personally owns one. The horse is all curiosity, and so is the rat. Most of the kids, and I say from fourth grade, to eighth grade, when they walk up [they say] oh, it's a Capabera," Wadsworth said.

"I've worked rides, games, food, and the animals, it's just something I love to do," Wadsworth added.

Wadsworth has been in the exotic animal business for about 30 years.

Long enough that's he's seen kids come back as adults to show off the animals to their own kids.

Wadsworth said he needs to fill out a lot of paperwork to bring the exotic animals across state lines. Oddly enough, the one that requires the most is the stuffed alligator which lays above Big Al's pool.

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