Suspects arrested in double homicide in York Co. after police chase

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FAWN TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Two people are in police custody in connection with a deadly double shooting in York County.

Officials were called to a home invasion at 706 Brown Road and found two people dead. Police arrested Paul Henry, 40, and Veronique Henry, 32.

State Trooper Rob Hicks said, "The two actors were identified because when they broke into the house, one of the witnesses was able to identify the female actor. And with that information, we were able to positively identify her and got the investigation rolling from there."

Hours after the shooting, a state trooper on patrol tracked down a car with the suspects inside driving along State Route 322 in Dauphin County.

"A little crash did occur in between one of our patrol vehicles and the suspect's vehicle. But we were able to apprehend the two suspects without any further incident," Hicks said.

The victims of the shooting are Danielle Taylor, 26, and Foday Cheeks, 31.

Neighbors in Fawn Township said they are shocked something like this occurred in their neighborhood.

Brian Tyson, who lives on Brown Road, said, "I don't really ever notice much crime around. And to have a murder right down the road, that's getting too close to home."

Police reported four other people were inside the home when the shooting occurred. Two were only 12 and 14 years old.

After the shooting, officials said the suspects searched the home for drugs, then fled. They are now facing charges, including criminal homicide and burglary.

Police said they aren't sure why the suspects killed Taylor and Cheeks.

Hicks said, "We know drugs did play a part in it. But we are still investigating to see if there were any other underlying motives."

Paul and Veronique were charged with harassment back in May, but the cases were dropped.

An autopsy will be performed on the victims Thursday morning to determine the exact cause of death.


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