York County home for teen mothers, in need, could be forced to close

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WINDSOR, Pa. - Since 2009, Haven Home for Girls has been providing a safe place for pregnant teenagers to go. The home looks to keep mothers with their children instead of the babies having to be put in the system. Girls, under 21, with a child under five, are referred from all across the state. Currently, nine girls (four of whom are expecting) and six babies are living in the house. The house could be forced to close.

"The funding we do get is from the state and counties and it’s not necessarily here when we need it the most," said Amelia Thomas, Haven Home for Girls.

Their funding issues started with last year's budget impasse.

"Last year, when the Pennsylvania State Budget didn’t pass we kind got placed on a hold with our funding so things kind of went downhill a little bit," said Thomas.

They need to raise $15,000 before September 30 or they will have to vacate the property by the end of October.

"I love these girls like they’re my own and I wouldn’t want them to be in any other situation than what they have here and to know that they are loved. Just the thought of that is, we’d obviously find a way to figure it out, but it’s not going to be easy," said Thomas.

They have started a fundraiser page to try to gather more donations.