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Pence stumps for Trump support in York County

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EAST MANCHESTER TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- Governor Mike Pence paid a visit to central Pennsylvania Thursday to drum up support for the Republican nominees for president and vice-president.

The Trump/Pence team have their eye on Pennsylvania voters as the state will play a key role in the 2016 presidential election.

It was here inside a York County recycling facility where Pence came to Pennsylvania rally voters.

With many people already fired up to support their candidates, the visit also served as a reminder for voters to head to the polls on Election Day.

Vice-presidential nominee Governor Pence fired up the crowd for the Republican ticket.

"If you go make sure Pennsylvania is ready, we will elect Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America, and we will make America great again. Let's go get it done Pennsylvania," Gov. Pence said.

Trump supporter Martha Bowen traveled across state lines for the rally. "You come to it, you get energized, you feel like you want to be a part of it more, and they need the support, and they need everybody doing all they can," Bowen said.

The rally at Penn Waste is an important stop on the 2016 campaign trail. Owned by state senator Scott Wagner, he welcomed the candidate to Pennsylvania.  It's a crucial state that Trump and Pence need to swing in their favor.

"People want to see change, and they're ready for change. We're going to see change with Donald Trump and Mike Pence, in the presidency and vice-presidency," Sen. Wagner said.

Buy Local Coalition co-founder Marc Ungar said "Pennsylvania is always a key, because it's such a split decision. In Pennsylvania, with Republican and Democrat. Now it's just the middle of the road parties, that it makes a big difference."

While Pence clearly had the crowd's support, he reminded them they still need to get out and vote.

"Events like this, besides the 2700 people who are registered as of last night, the people who are going to see what the rally is all about, it's going to incorporate some more, into south central Pennsylvania, to make a decision on who to vote for," Ungar said.

The  warehouse wasn't completely filled wall-to-wall with supporters, but it's estimated somewhere between 700 to a thousand people were in attendance at the event.