Local athletes qualify for Spartan Race World Championship

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YORK, Pa., -- Three local athletes are considered some of the best spartan race athletes in the world. Jenn Shearer, Rachel Turner and Andy Bell train together in Central Pennsylvania and have qualified for the Spartan Race World Championship this weekend in Lake Tahoe, California.

"I had no intentions of racing the Spartan Race until the last minute, I thought it looked pretty neat so I decided to jump right in," said Jenn Shearer.

"I love the experience, I love the atmosphere of racing," explained Andy Bell.

The trio are among a select number of elite athletes to qualify for the 14 mile world championship race, roughly 6,000 ft above sea level, with obstacles like the barbed wire crawl and spear throw.

"It's awesome to know that all the hard work I've put in for 2 years really pays off and it just shows I'm going to be running with the elite of the elite top people of the world," explained Shearer.

In preparation, they train 6 days a week flipping tires, pushing weight sleighs, running, biking and much more.

"The training is so varied," said Bell. "You have to have a combination of speed, endurance, strength, and balance helps."

The rigorous training schedule presents its challenges balancing family life and training, but all three athletes say it is worth it.

"Everything is worth it because we get to say not just that we worked out, but we worked out towards a goal," said Rachel Turner.

The World Championship is October 1st in Lake Tahoe, California.


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