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County updates investigation into sexual harassment charge against Sheriff Mark Reese

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Mark S. Reese, Sheriff (Photo taken from

LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. – The County Commissioners Office released a status report on its investigation into sexual harassment charges against Sheriff Mark Reese.

In July the County received a letter from the attorney representing Deputy Sheriff Jessica Padilla.  The letter accused Sheriff Reese of ‘severe and pervasive sexual harassment.”  Within days an investigation was launched into Padilla’s claims.

During the course of the investigation several emails allegedly sent from Sheriff Reese to Deputy Sheriff Padilla were examined, numerous witnesses including Reese and Padilla were interviewed. Sheriff Reese admitted to sending the emails.

The Board of Commissioners called for Sheriff Reese to resign. Since he is an elected official, he can not be fired. Sheriff Reese did agree to take a leave of absence. He also voluntarily turned in all his county owned equipment including his firearm. In addition he has been denied 24/7 access to County buildings.

All employees in the Sheriff’s Office have been directed to undergo in-person training on the County’s Sexual and Discriminatory Harassment Policy.