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Cumberland County convenience store becomes first in the state to sell wine

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SHIPPENSBURG, CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa. -- Wine sales in Pennsylvania just got a little more convenient.

A Cumberland County Sheetz becomes the state's first convenience store to sell a bottle of wine.

The Shippensburg Sheetz is no longer just a place to fill up your tank or stomach, but now it's also a place to pick up a bottle of wine.

The convenience stores of being able to buy wine at a convenience store calls for a toast.

Shippensburg Sheetz general managerĀ Annette Hann said "it is also a help for anybody who does not want to go to the state store. It's very convenient. They can come in, and buy their supper, and if they want a bottle of wine to go along with it, it's there for them."

Pennsylvania Speaker of the House Mike Turzai worked as part of a team to bring liquor reform to the state, and bought the first bottle.

"I bought two, a merlot and a Cabernet, and they were reasonably priced, good products and I was so honored," Turzai said.

The celebration at the Shippensburg Sheetz is just the beginning of many more to come across the state.

"Over 300 stores have applied, grocery stores and convenience stores, and 198 applications have been granted, the wine permits by the LCB, hopefully by the end of the year we'll be up to 600," Turzai said.

Chairman of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Tim Holden said "so this will be a consumer convenience and also more outlets will generate will more revenue for the commonwealth of Pennsylvania."

It's estimated the expanded wine sales will rack up about $150 million in new revenue for the state.

"Now it's up to our discretion, we have identified about 310 of our 605 stores are going to be open on Sunday," Holden said.

Some may sell no wine before its time, but at Sheetz, the time has come.

Sheetz board director Louie Sheetz said "we've been working at this a long time, more than ten years we've actively pursued change in liquor sales reform in the state of Pennsylvania, so to be here today, outstanding."

Sheetz will enforce a 100 percent proof-of-age policy, so no matter how old or young someone looks, employees will ask for ID.