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Eric Trump campaigns for father in Camp Hill

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CAMP HILL, Pa. - Hundreds of Republicans in Cumberland and Dauphin counties heard from Eric Trump, son of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, at the counties' annual fall dinner Tuesday night.

He spoke briefly at the dinner since he was headed to Virginia later Tuesday night to watch the vice-presidential debate between Republican Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana and Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia.

"When my father gets to Washington, there is no one who will work harder, who will be tougher, who will negotiate better deals, who will put amazing people in place to help him at each and every turn," he told the gathered crowd.

Eric Trump touched on many of the same themes that propelled his father to the Republican presidential nomination, including criticism of Hillary Clinton with a touch of "making America great again".

"It's simple reality," he said. "Our country is not where it needs to be. Our country is going in the absolute wrong direction, and that's why you have this kind of passion in the room."

Although Eric Trump's remarks were brief, those in the audience say they were energized by what he had to say with about a month before voters head to the polls on November 8, and will use that energy to try to increase voter turnout for his father to prove the skeptics who claim Trump has a limited ground game wrong.

"It's all about the ground game, it's all about getting out the vote and executing on November 8th, so we're pretty excited though," Greg Rothman, chairman of the Cumberland County Republican Party, said. "I've never seen the excitement like this."