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New Jersey man sentenced to 7½ years in prison for robbing, extorting Lancaster County business owner

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LANCASTER, Pa.– A New Jersey man will spend at least 7½ years in prison for robbing and extorting $15,200 from a Lancaster County business owner.

Decee Karngbaye, 33, is charged with robbery, conspiracy and two counts of theft by extortion after targeting and beating a man last year before threatening to kill him and his family.

On Tuesday, Judge Jeffery Wright ordered Karngbaye to serve up to 15 years in state prison.

A native of Liberia, Karngbaye targeted and preyed on a fellow immigrant, as the victim was a native of Ethiopa.

Karngbaye and a co-defendant, Cole Williams, 35, took $15,2000 from the victim. At one time, the victim was shown a photo of a person being beheaded and warned that would happen to his family if he didn’t comply with the demands.

Assistant District Attorney Christopher Larsen countered that Karngbaye showed the victim no mercy, as he physically confronted him three times and called him by phone in late April and early May 2015.

The victim “is still in fear and the reality is (he) and his family will living with this fear for the rest of their lives,” Larsen said in court. “They victimized fellow immigrants. (The victim) came to this country trying to make a better life for himself and his family.”