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Why the cost of towing varies in Pennsylvania

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MANOR TWP., Pa. - Crashes occur every single day. If you crash your car and need a tow, the price you pay will vary in Pennsylvania.

"Pricing is not specific to the state of Pennsylvania. A lot of different towns have different regulations, different rules and they have different pricing that has been set-up either by the town or has been sanctioned by the town as submitted by the towing company," said Ron Bressler, President for Pennsylvania Towing Association.

Bressler says it is important to trust police or emergency personnel know who to call.

"These people work together day to day so they know who is going to take care of you the best," he said.

"They're very good people.They are just like us. They have families and they're out there to do a job and they do their job sometimes in every poor conditions and I really want the people to understand that they are very sympathetic," said Dan Spies, Executive Director for Pennsylvania Towing Association.

The 2012 Towing and Towing Storage and Facility Standards Act requires tow truck companies to maintain a street address, register their trucks, have the company name, address and number on their trucks and post their fees and hours of operation. This way people know they are dealing with a credible business. In some cases insurance will pay for the tow.