Burglaries and robberies continue in Spring Garden Township

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SPRING GARDEN TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, Pa.-- Lock your car door and homes. That's the message from Spring Garden Township Police to residents of the township.

According to police, there have been six burglaries or robberies in just five days this month. Residents are making sure they don't become the next victim.

"I try not to leave anything of value outside," resident Mary Linebaugh said.

"I'm just very observing," resident John Patterson said.

Police said they've seen the burglaries in several neighborhoods, including Carroll Road, Dupont Avenue, and Wyndham Drive.

Linebaugh said the police sent out a message to all township residents informing them about the burglaries and advising them to be extra careful. Her neighbor, Patterson, said they've sent the message out several times.

"At least four times within the last months period of time," he said.

From the crime reports, it appears the crimes are escalating in nature. In our prior report, the chief said the cases were crimes of opportunity. The burglars looked for open cars or house doors, but in an attempted burglary on October 4th, a homeowner on Wyndham Drive woke up to find pry marks on their front door. The burglars did not get into the home. Also on Tuesday, a car was stolen from a repair shop on Belmont Street.

"I lock my car even during the day," Linebaugh said. "Even if I'm just carrying groceries. It's always locked."

She has a 7-year-old granddaughter and with these burglaries happening so close to home on Dupont avenue, she doesn't take any chances.

"She's within  two houses either way. I can usually hear where she is either way," Linebaugh said.

Patterson thinks more lighting would be a deterrent.

According to the reports, a possible suspect would be a tall male in his 20s.

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