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Witness testimony reveals new details in York County double-homicide case

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YORK, Pa. -- Witnesses to a York County double-homicide revealed new details in the case as they testified at a preliminary hearing, Wednesday.

Police arrested Paul and Veronique Henry for the shooting deaths.

Except only Paul Henry appeared in court as his wife hanged herself in prison shortly after her arrest.

Tuesday, September 13th, police find a man and a woman shot to death at a York County house.

Three weeks later in court, two witnesses identified Paul Henry as one of the shooters.

Henry's defense attorney Farley Holt said, "At this point in time, my client does maintain his innocence, obviously this is early on in the legal process, and there are two sides to every story."

The first witness who testified was Foday Cheeks ex-girlfriend. She stated she went to Cheeks' home to do laundry with her son, and her son's friend.

At one point, she said she heard a knock at the back door, and then heard a loud pop as Danielle Taylor answered it.

Next, she said two people came inside, while Cheeks put his hands up as Paul Henry shot him in the face.

"You heard one side that came out this morning at the preliminary hearing. You're going to have to wait to hear my client's version of the events, but I am going to tell you they differ, and they differ greatly from what the testimony was this morning," Holt said.

With Cheeks and Taylor now dead, another woman testified that the two women and the two teenage boys had their cell phones taken, and were made to lay on the floor while Veronique Henry asked where the drugs were in the house.

"There has been some testimony this morning that drugs were involved, the extent of drugs and what the motives may have been between these two, that's yet to be seen," Holt said.

Much of what the two women stated in court was similar, with a few exceptions.

"The one witness had placed a gun in ms. henry's hand, the other one indicated Ms. Henry definitely, positively did not have a gun, I think that's the biggest contradiction I saw in the testimony," Holt said.

One witness testified that Taylor was upset after Cheeks told her Veronique Henry was coming over to the house, but neither witness claimed to have seen Paul Henry before the day of the shootings.

"There are five people now who are alive in this case, who observed, witnessed what went down that night, unfortunately three of them are now dead, including Ms. Henry," Holt said.

Besides two counts of homicide, Henry faces several other charges, including aggravated assault and simple assault, along with six counts of robbery.

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