Mother dead, father in critical condition after overdose in home with children

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HAZLETON — Two parents overdosed in front of their children in Luzerne County and emergency responders were only able to save one.

Police responded to the home in Hazelton around 11AM to find a mother and father unconscious on the floor.

“You start thinking all kinds of things,” Hazleton Police Chief Jerry Speziale told WNEP. “You don’t think a drug overdose. You start thinking (it’s) a carbon monoxide poisoning and then children are still there. You know, could it be a homicide?”

The four young children ranged in age from 7-years-old to a newborn baby.

Rescue workers were unable to save the mother, and their father is still fighting for his life.

The children were taken to the hospital, and are physically ok.

They are now in the custody of children and youth workers.

The children’s father is in critical condition. No names have been released, just that both parents are in their 20s.

Unfortunately overdoses happen all too often, and recently they have made national news several times for occurring with children nearby.


Just this week near Pittsburgh, a couple overdosed and died in their home while their four children were inside.

A photo of a couple in Ohio went viral last month, showing two parents who overdosed in the front seat of their car while their toddler was strapped in the back.


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