Uber driver facing charges after police say he locked woman in car

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SHIPPENSBURG, Pa. -- An Uber driver was arrested after police said he locked a woman in his car in Cumberland County.

In September, a woman was taking an Uber from a bar to her home in Shippensburg.

Vincent Messan, 46, of Mcconnellsburg, Fulton County, is charged with harassment and false imprisonment. A woman said the man cornered her against his car after he let her out and forcefully kissed her before she could escape.

Police said Messan was driving an Uber for a 22-year-old woman heading to her home. According to court documents, the woman was at a bar and had a few drinks, so she decided to take an Uber home.

Police said Messan started to flirt with her in the car and asked her for her number. When they arrived to her house on Middle Spring Avenue, she tried to get out of the car, but Messan put the child safety locks on.

Pennsylvania State Trooper Rob Hicks said, "It was very frightening. She was just trying to do the responsible thing by getting a ride home after having a few beverages with her friends and she's trying to be responsible and then somebody locks her in the vehicle who's supposed to be somebody you can trust to get home safely."

Investigators said Messan wouldn't let her get out until she gave him her number, so she did. Messan let her out but then cornered her against the car and kissed her. Police said she got away and ran to a neighbor's house. She then called police.

"I think this is one of the first arrests we've had to make for an Uber driver," Hicks said.

Some people who live in the area said they don't use Uber because they think it's dangerous.

Zacherie Miller of Shippensburg said, "I feel like it's really messed up. If you're an Uber driver and somebody offers to give you money and whatnot for a drive, you mine as well just give them their drive and when you reach their destination you should let them get out at their destination."

But Hicks said in the victim's situation, she did the right thing.

Hicks said, "She was pretty scared but she did keep her composure and she was able to get out of that situation and bring this information to us. And we were able to make an arrest."

A spokesperson with Uber said Messan is banned from being an Uber driver during the investigation. They said he violated the community guidelines, which prohibit any inappropriate or sexual conduct.

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