‘We are making a difference,’ volunteers prepare supplies for areas impacted by Hurricane Matthew

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MECHANICSBURG, Pa.-- As Hurricane Matthew makes its way to the United States, people in our area are preparing supplies to help those impacted. At Mission Central in Mechanicsburg, Cumberland County, volunteers are working to fill up clean up buckets and health kits.

"Knowing that we can do something here, where we're safe and protected is just a really good feeling," Sandy Zirbel of Camp Hill United Methodist Church said.

She has a personal connection to the storm. Her best friend had to be evacuated in Georgia.

Zirbel hopes her friend is able to stay safe.

As for the supplies, the clean up buckets consist of several items need to clean up after a storm.

"Items of leather gloves, rubber gloves, all sorts of scrubbing equipment, heavy duty trash bags," Mission Central Executive Director Rob Visscher said.

He said the mission supplies are used for after the storm. In addition to sending the cleanup buckets, they are sending health kits.

They are made of personal care items such as band aids, towels, and soap.

Visscher said they keep a stock of about 3-4 thousand clean up buckets in their warehouse. He said with this storm, he is expecting about 10-20 thousand buckets to be used, as well as, about 50 thousand health kits.

"It's a very small thing, that I feel that I'm doing," volunteer Patty Bowen said. "If I can benefit anyone, I think then, with the help of these volunteers, we are making a difference."

All the supplies are from donations. If you would like to help, go to Mission Central's website.

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